I’m going to be brutally honest here and confess to you that we don’t camp. My husband says the only place he’d like to camp is the W Hotel in Austin, TX. We like our creature comforts, we’re bathroom snobs. But, we have so many friends that love to go camping near San Antonio, especially with their little ones, and they let me pick their brains so I could share with you. Also, some of these places make great day trips. You know, if you don’t like to do the sleep outside in a tent thing.

If you’re into camping near San Antonio with your family, you’ll want to keep reading to find out the key places to go on your next trip. Or, if you’re wanting to start getting into camping, then you’ll want to read on to discover the best places to begin your camping journey. And of course, if you’re not into camping, keep reading and learn some info to share with your friends. No matter who you are, this post is for you.

Inks Lake State Park

This state park doesn’t have anything to do with tattoos. Sorry, not that type of blog post. This park is located about two hours from San Antonio. If you want a day trip, it’s a great drive for those kiddos to take a good long nap before spending some quality time on the banks of the glimmering water. Alternatively, if you’re going for the weekend, you’ll have 200 sites to choose from.

Inks Lake has it all for the whole family-except for coffee. However, they do have everything else. Paddleboarding, kayaking, 9 miles of hiking, geocaching, fishing, and even though they don’t have iced coffee, there is a general store where you can buy snacks and any supplies you might need.

Palmetto State Park

What’s a palmetto? We can’t tell you here. You’ll have to find out at the campsite. Just take the hike on the Palmetto Trail, and you’ll see lots of them. With only 19 tent sites and 18 RV sites, this campground is excellent for families who want a calmer atmosphere.

Even if you’re not interested in Palmettos, which you should be, because they’re sweet, there’s still lots to do. Rent boats if you’re into family boating adventures. Choose from paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats. Feel free to fish in Oxbow Lake, and even without a fishing license. No fishing license? Nope, not here. A fishing license isn’t required on the shores of state parks in Texas. ‘Cause we’re cool like that.

McKinney Falls State Park

Only an hour and 15 minutes from San Antonio, and so worth the drive. This state park boasts a beautiful Onion Creek which you can listen to as you fall asleep at night. Almost like the ocean, but way better cause you’re camping. There are over 70 campsites and 6 remodeled cabins to choose from.

If you have little ones in strollers, have no fears. You can still hike along the creek with strollers. Older kids can check out the state park’s junior ranger program to keep them even more interested during the trip. Though, pretty sure they’ll stay entertained by fishing, hiking, and hiding in the woods.

Government Canyon State Natural Area

Dinosaurs. That’s all you need to know. Pack up your kids and go. Seriously. Your kids will love you and stop fighting with you about reading during the rest of the summer. What more could you want?

This campsite provides a hiking trail that passes by dinosaur footprints. Apparently, they are the only dinosaur tracks in Bexar County and could be from 110 million years ago. Seeing these will definitely strike up the conversation with your kids.

The campground also offers fun for the kids at the playscape and lots more trails for hiking and biking, depending on what activity your family likes the best.

Lost Maples State Natural Area

Shut off your phones and open your eyes. Lost Maples is calling your name. Only about two hours away from San Antonio, the drive will lead you to another world with no cell service, but zillions of stars to gaze.

If you want a standard campsite, expect 30 sites. However, if your family is pretty hardcore, you can pack up your stuff and take a hike to some of the more hardcore sites. Also, if you want the summer heat to go away, Lost Maples provides some pretty amazing leaves in the fall. They’re actually famous for it – Just like Texas is famous for their BBQ.

Kerrville-Schreiner Park

Riverside mini cabins and RV campsites? How much better can it get? Well, this park also provides butterfly gardens, sand volleyball, over 7 miles of hiking or biking trails, fishing, basketball, and more. There are even grills located throughout the campsite for grilling up the famous barbecue, and a recreation hall for some fun indoor activities if it gets too hot. We just wanted to make sure you were still awake.

This park- it has so much to offer. Not just activities, but beauty too. Be sure to go camping near San Antonio at this awesome park.

Guadalupe River State Park

This river is so awesome that we had to talk about it again. If you have swimmers in your family, this state park will satisfy their little swimmer hearts. There’s lots of hiking as well, 13 miles to be exact. You can hike trails, bike, and horseback ride on the trails.

Also, if you’re interested in the geography, there’s even Honey Creek State Natural Area, which has guided tours every other Saturday. However, if you’re busy on a Saturday, head over to the campground any other day. You’ll have a great time exploring a gorgeous area close by to San Antonio.

Like I said, camping near San Antonio is a thing. It is very diverse depending on how far you want to drive or which area you pick to camp — no excuses not to go camping now. If you want swimming, dinosaur tracks, geocaching, butterfly viewing, and boating, these campsites have them all.

Even if you have a picky family to please or, in my case, a not camping fan husband, one of these campgrounds is bound to get the interest of any family member. Try it out