Coffee. It’s one of my favorite words. Our relationship began back when I was in pharmacy school and has evolved and grown stronger (the brew and the bond) through adulthood and now motherhood. It’s my drug of choice and the first thing I think about most mornings. I typically brew at home and have jumped on both the cold brew and hot oat milk latte trends most recently. But, here’s the thing- there’s a fantastic San Antonio coffee shop scene. And no, Starbucks isn’t on the list. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love an iced grande soy latte just as much as the next gal. But there’s so much more than Starbucks here in the Alamo City. You need to discover all the local businesses, the excellent coffee roasters, the amazing bakeries, the cafes, and the cool environments for chatting, working, or studying that San Antonio has to offer. That might sound overwhelming, so lucky for you, I’ve put together a list of coffee shops that are great for any day of the week. I’ve listed it in alphabetical order, too; not for any particular reason, just because it was fun.

Bear Moon

San Antonio Coffee shops

Located in the historic downtown district in Boerne, you’ll find Bear Moon. This place is not only a coffee shop, but a bakery with lots of frosted cakes, cookies, and a cafe. It has ample seating, pastries to die for, and excellent lighting for those who aren’t into the dark coffee shops. Fresh flowers decorate the tables, and the staff is always available to help with any question or need you may have. As expected, its wildly popular, so expect a short wait if you go for breakfast on a weekend.


San Antonio coffee shops

This coffee shop boasts a third generation baker from France. This place is the real deal with French pastries to enjoy alongside your coffee. Though there are two locations – the original San Antonio coffee shop is a house turned into a relaxing, beautiful spot for conversation or study. They even have herb gardens if you’re into that. Read the story behind the coffee shop here. And since it’s so close to other touristy places, you’ll definitely want to bring your guests from out of town here.

Cracked Mug

best San Antonio Coffee

Whether you need caffeine to start the day or a soothing drink to end a busy day, Cracked Mug will supply your needs. They aren’t one of those weird coffee shops that close at 5. Nope, they’re open from 7:00am – 8:00pm every day in Helotes. They have delightful indoor seating, and they have outdoor seating in the shade–a need during the summertime at this San Antonio coffee shop. One word to describe this place: quaint.


best San Antonio Coffee

Open seven days a week, Cuppencake is a must. They have all the baked goods your stomach desires. No joke, going there instantly makes me happy. All the pastries look and taste incredible. But if you don’t have a pastry addiction yet, their espresso bar is chock full of all your coffee needs. This shop is located between San Antonio and Boerne.


best San Antonio Coffee

Located in Helotes, this place is full of puns and you’re in for an entertaining time. They have a great variety of drinks ranging from horchatas to lattes to smoothies. My favorite is their house-made cold brew, available in several flavors including Texas pecan. Don’t be surprised if the owner pours it for you and tells you where to grab the cream. Hinee also provides lunch, breakfast, and snacks. It’s a great alternative to Starbucks and a lot punnier (get it?). Check them out if you’re ever in the Helotes area and have a hankering for some Hinee.

Indy Coffee Club

best San Antonio Coffee

This coffee establishment is not your average coffee joint. Lovers of Texas, the Indy CC provides an amazing espresso bar open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. They also offer hipster food like rice bowls, avocado toast, and granola. Not only that, but they have their very own brand and sell homemade, good quality clothes and home needs. Shop their apparel and more here.

Local Coffee

best San Antonio Coffee

Otherwise known as Merit, Local is a coffee roasting company with seven locations. Click here for the whole list of sites. This place is the best, and San Antonio Current agrees. The Current awarded Merit with the best San Antonio Coffee. They provide the perfect, fresh bean substitute for Starbucks. So if you want to support a local coffee shop that has merit, you’ll want to try this one.

Mildfire Coffee Roasters

best San Antonio Coffee

This coffee shop is another coffee roasting company for all you coffee roasting junkies. Stop at MildFire Coffee Roasters to try different roasts. Or if you want fantastic gifts for friends or family, buy their roasted coffee by the pound. Or by the five pounds. This coffee shop has a colorful ambiance, cozy atmosphere, and helpful baristas.

On The Grind

best San Antonio Coffee

Fun fact about this classy joint: it began after a gentleman from Oregon dreamed about starting his own coffee place after years of coffee service. On the Grind is a drive-thru coffee shop in New Braunfels. It’s not your typical drive-thru experience where someone rudely hands you your coffee without any words. Nope. This place focuses on speedy but friendly service. If you’re in a rush, check this shop out.


best San Antonio Coffee

A bit of Austin has come to San Antonio in two different locations. Summermoon began in Austin but thankfully graced us San Antonians with sweet coffee experiences. Also, a coffee roasting company, but in a different way. Using zero percent electricity and a woodfire (hence their website name), the coffee roasters roast their coffee to perfection. You’ll understand why they do it this way once you taste it. Summermoon provides lots of seating with an industrial feel to the buildings. They also carry a wide variety of milk and milk alternatives, including my beloved oat milk.

Now Go Visit Those Great San Antonio Coffee Shops

With this list under your belt, you’ll never ever run out of coffee options. You might run out of money, but not coffee. And that’s what really matters. All these San Antonio Coffee shop locations have the coffee you need, and even extras. If you have any questions about San Antonio (or hair!), I’m here for you. Contact me at any time with questions or comments.