Looking for toys? Usually, I do that on Amazon! But, me and my mother in law hit the pavement and checked out what San Antonio has to offer locally. We had so much fun playing with toys without kids.  We drove all over town (in San Antonio Traffic traffic) and discovered the best toy stores in the Alamo City.

These toy stores are the real deal. They have more than just those loud toys that will scare you as they go off in the middle of the night when your husband is at work. They have everything you need for your kids, no matter the age, interest, or grade level.

The Best San Antonio Toy Stores

best toy stores in San Antonio 

You’ll find everything you need for your school projects, for gifts, for entertainment, and even learning. There’s seriously everything you could dream of at one of these toy stores. Except for a babysitter, though some of these stores get pretty close to that.

Learning Express

This isn’t just your typical toy store. It’s a place to buy toys of course, but it’s also a place to learn how to play a game that just came out or a place to have a playdate with other kids. Learning Express also offers special events such as story time Tuesdays, Win-It Wednesdays, and event space for birthday parties.

Parents, if you’re not convinced of how great this store is, I have three words for you: Free gift wrapping. 

Your toy shopping experience just became enjoyable because now you don’t have to take toys home to wrap. Plus, with toys available to have fun within the store, your kids will be busy having fun while you search for the perfect gift.

It’s said that their prices are higher than other stores, such as Walmart or Target, but the experience and the uniqueness are worth the higher rates. Everything is easy to find as the store is very organized and well labeled. They call it the “Neighborhood Toy Store” as there are several locations. Check out one of the stores today.

Toy Werks

Located in the Rolling Oaks Mall, Toy Werks has all the brands you know and love like Melissa and Doug, Lego, Plasma, and many more. Even though Rolling Oaks Mall is pretty far out, it’s worth it for Toy Werks. Especially if you’re wanting to try out the toy your child has been begging and begging you to buy, Toy Werks is where to go because they care about parents as much as kids. For that reason, they offer play areas where you can try out various toys or games. Before you spend lots of money on a toy or game, test it out here first.

This store is also known for having the classic, favorite toys from long ago that retailers don’t carry any longer. They also have crafts, games, stuffed animals, and much more. They are also locally owned, have a rewards program, and have relatively reasonable prices.

Toy Zone

No matter the budget you have, Toy Zone is a San Antonio toy store that can help you out. Toys range from $10-$300, depending on your desire. Also, with excellent customer service, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need for your kids.

Not only that, but Toy Zone offers toys that help children learn and grow. The owners of this family-owned store promote toys and games that help with the imagination, creativity, and asking thoughtful questions. Isn’t that what all parents want more of? Question?

All sarcasm aside though; Questions are necessary for our kids’ growth, so why not buy them activities and toys that can help with that? This store provides a vast variety of toys, over 3,000 to be exact.

Whole Earth Provisions

Now, if you’ve never heard of this store, you might be thinking it’s a weird name for a toy store. Technically it’s not just a toy store. It’s a store that provides outdoor clothing, shoes, and other gear, which are toys to some, right? If you’re an outdoorsy parent with kids, and you want them more involved in the outdoors, this store could get them hooked.

Whole Earth Provisions also has some pretty sweet toys. Their store is stocked full of stuffed animals resembling wild animals from your latest camping trip. They have science and art packages, puzzles, and games. If you’re looking for something creative for your kids to do at home, they have everything from growing kits to Etch A Sketches.

Lakeshore Learning Center

best toy stores in San Antonio

This place has toys, classroom, and playroom furniture and decor, as well as everything you need for your infant, six-year-old, and even an eleven-year-old. They also have aids for those with learning disabilities. This toy store is AMAZING. Seriously, it contains everything you need to feel like an equipped parent, teacher or babysitter ready to take on the world.

The toys that Lakeshore puts out are there to help kids enjoy being kids, but also encourages them to deepen their understanding of the world and their minds; All while still having fun. If you can find products that help your kids love learning, what more could you ask for? Oh, and another thing, they have free crafts for your children every Saturday. Fun and free. Check it out.

There you have it — the absolute best San Antonio Toy Stores. I bet you’re just itching to pack your kids up and head on over to one to check them out for yourself. Your kids will love you no matter which store you pick.

Check them all out and then decide for yourself which one is your favorite. Feel free to comment below to let me know which one you like best and why.