Are you looking for cool things to do in San Antonio? San Antonio is one of those special places that burrows deep into your heart. And once you see all there is to do (I didn’t even cover everything in this blog) you’ll start to understand why. There are so many wonderful things to do whether you’re home with the kids all summer or simply visiting.

15 Fun Things to do in San Antonio

Some of these fun things are your normal tourist attractions, and some aren’t too known. Either way, there’s plenty to do in San Antonio. And no, you can’t stay with me unless I know you.

1. Flowers- San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Things to do in San Antonio

Who doesn’t want to spend some time surrounded by some of the most beautiful flowers and plants in the area? The San Antonio Botanical Gardens includes acres of walking trails, educational walks, and Rosella at the Garden has dining options inside a historic carriage house and on the patio. Birding enthusiasts might spot some of the over two hundred and fifty different species of birds who visit throughout the year.

2. Baseball- San Antonio Missions Minor League Baseball

things to do in San Antonio

The San Antonio Missions are the Triple-A affiliate for the Milwaukee Brewers. Going to a Missions ballgame is a terrific way to see some future major league baseball stars up close, and it’s affordable. Make sure to take the kids, this is always a family friendly event with lots of ways to stay cool.

3. Ghosts- Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

things to do in San Antonio

San Antonio has a history that goes back over three hundred years, and ghost hunters can learn all about the spooky side of San Antonio on a ghost tour. Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours is a perennial favorite tour operator, and it offers several scare-filled programs. So grab your friend that gets scared about everything, turn your GoPro on, and make some memories.

4. Art- San Antonio Museum of Art

things to do in San Antonio

The Museum offers a fantastic collection of art that includes works that cover a period of over one thousand years. It’s pretty amazing, to be honest. After you’ve admired the work of the art masters, you can relax over a meal at Tre Trattoria. And depending on how old and well behaved your kids are- you could even take them. I hear we have a pretty great homeschool scene here (though I think I would rather have a root canal than homeschool) so you could even join some group activities there.

5. Books- The Twig

things to do in San Antonio

We’re fortunate to have some terrific indie bookshops in our city, and The Twig is top flight. The Twig got its start in 1972, and you can find it at the old Pearl Brewery located on the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk. Housing a vast array of books for both children and adult readers, The Twig has a robust events calendar. So bring the kids and get out of the heat this summer by going to the Twig.

6. Caves-Natural Bridge Caverns

things to do in San Antonio

Do you ever wonder what San Antonio looks like underground? If so, come and explore the underground chambers and rock formations at the fantastic Natural Bridge Caverns. This family-owned business delivers enough exciting adventures to satisfy everyone in your family. If your kids moan and groan about it just tell them it’s like Minecraft but real life.

7. Kayaking- Mission Reach Paddling Trail

things to do in San Antonio

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department opened the Mission Reach Paddling Trail to kayakers in 2017. The eight-mile long trail is a great way to view our mission’s region from a different perspective. Keep in mind that the condition of the water trail depends on the status of the waters within the San Antonio River, so it’s important that you keep the weather in mind before heading out. Kayaks and canoes are available to rent.

8.The Light Show at the San Fernando Cathedral

This light show is absolutely stunning. Not only does it honor San Antonio’s rich history, but it does it in a beautiful storytelling way with music and art. This show has won rave reviews and is free and open to the public. While I could go on and on, this video says a lot more than I could in a blog. Just remember that it’s way better in person than on YouTube.


9. Ice House- The Friendly Spot

things to do in San Antonio

Ice houses are traditionally an air-conditioned place where you could get a drink and chat with friends. At one time, San Antonio was the epitome of ice house culture and places like The Friendly Spot are helping to revive the tradition. Happily, The Friendly Spot is dog and kid friendly along with offering more than three hundred varieties of beer and seventy plus drinks on tap.

10. Farmers Market- Pearl Weekend Market

things to do in San Antonio

Can you think of anything more hunger-inducing than a gathering of the area’s top ranching and artisanal food vendors out in front of the historic Pearl Brewhouse? What if you could bring your dog? Indeed, the Pearl Weekend Market will make your furry companion feel right at home with dog fountains, poop bags, and yummy treats.

11. Food- Taste San Antonio Food Tour

things to do in San Antonio

The experts at San Antonio Detours know how to find the perfect places to fill your stomach with authentic San Antonio culinary delights. Join the Saturday night fun for an unbelievably reasonable $60.00 for three hours of oh my goodness this is terrific food.

12. Flea market- Traders Village

things to do in San Antonio

If your idea of a refreshing weekend outing includes browsing the bargains at a giant flea market, grab your change purse and head to Traders Village. The flea market part of this attraction extends over one hundred acres and includes every type of item that you can imagine finding in a vast outdoor marketplace. You can even keep your kids entertained on eleven carnival rides.

13. Boats- Go Rio Cruises

things to do in San Antonio

A thirty-five minute narrated cruise on the San Antonio River will deepen your appreciation of our gorgeous River Walk and introduce you to the history and architecture that makes our city such a treasure.

14. Riverside Neighborhood: San Antonio River Walk

things to do in San Antonio

The San Antonio River Walk rivals The Alamo for a place in the heart of all San Antonians. Picture amazing restaurants, museums, shopping, hotels, and riverboats in a uniquely San Antonio location.

15. History- The Alamo

things to do in San Antonio

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of The Alamo to the history of San Antonio and Texas. Take time to visit the spot that Texans have revered for over three hundred years. Lastly, isn’t San Antonio an enchanting place? Take some day trips to visit some, or all, of the fifteen cool things to do in San Antonio this month. Please share your experiences at the places on the list as well as your additional favorite spots in San Antonio by adding a comment below.