My husband was first introduced to the Bidet on a trip to Japan. The Japanese have taken this concept to the next level, creating bidet/toilet electronic hybrids complete with wall mounted control panels. So, when we built our first home together back in 2011, a fancy electronic bidet toilet seat was on the wish list. I loved seeing the puzzled look on the foreman’s face when we explained we need a GFCI outlet in the master bathroom water closet. Black Friday rolled around and my husband announced with pride that he had purchased a Bio Bidet BB2000 at 20% off.

I was reluctant to try this robot toilet seat with all the buttons for some time. But, curiosity got the better of me. Turns out, bidets are pretty great, especially the 21st-century version. I’d say we’re now bathroom snobs and are making sure the new house we’re building will have a Japanese toilet seat bidet for everyone, and even a urinal (because I’m surrounded by boys).

Here’s the thing – you can’t knock it until you try it. Bidets are great.

What is a Bidet?

how to use a bidetPronounced as “be-day,” a bidet is a structure that is used for washing after using the toilet or other hygienic reasons. Secondly, there are different types of bidets. Here are a few:


This kind sits next to the toilet. It fills with water, and you use soap and your hands to wash yourself off after using the toilet.


This kind is also placed near the toilet. It usually has a stream of water that shoots up like a fountain and the knobs at the top control the pressure and temperature. You have to sit on or straddle these with your pants off so that the area you want to be cleaned is lined up with the stream of water.

These first two aren’t very common in the US and are typically just seen in classy hotels. You may have seen one while traveling in different countries outside of the US, such as India, Greece, France, Turkey, among others.

Over The Toilet:

This is the type I have, AND IT’S AWESOME. It’s a plastic seat that installs directly and easily onto your toilet. It has a separate control pad for the water, air drying, and massaging — more details about those to come.

The Bio Bidet and Why We Love it

how to use a bidet

As I mentioned, there are lots of different types of bidets out there. I want to take a moment and rave about my specific Bio Bidet and why it’s fantastic.

It’s Better at Cleaning Than Toilet Paper

It makes more sense to use water to clean yourself off than paper. Think of the last time you got dirt on you (and if you have boys like I do then get it). Did you use a paper towel to get the gunk off? If you did, it probably just smeared the gunk even more. That’s kind of what happens when you use toilet paper. While I could go into a ton of detail here, I’m hoping you are picking up what I’m putting down.

It Makes Your Bathroom Experience Enjoyable

The majority of people don’t really like going to the bathroom as it is. I mean, it’s not something they look forward to doing. However, with a bidet, it makes the bathroom experience pleasant. You get a massage, a heated seat, warm water to clean you off and finish with warm air to dry you off.

It is Easy To Use

Some of the other bidets are a little time consuming to use as you have to use the toilet then move over to the bidet- mine is great because it’s attached to the toilet. Many bidets you have to straddle or sit on a cold porcelain rim- mine you sit on just like your toilet, and it has a heated seat. This bidet is super easy compared to others.

How To Use the Bio Bidet

how to use a bidet

Now that you know what a bidet is and why you need one, you need to know how to use it (because I know you want one now). There are lots of bidets so you’ll need to follow the instructions on how to use each bidet appropriately. I’ve included steps on how to use mine here:

  1. Locate the control panel. Where it is, varies on what kind you get so make sure to read the instructions.
  2. Turn the seat heater on for the ultimate bidet experience.
  3. Use the toilet as you normally would.
  4. Find the “cleansing” button. With this option you’ll want to test it out to decide where you want the nozzles to go, the temperature you’d like the water to be, and how much pressure you need at the time. You also have the option to have a massage at the same time. Take advantage of that.
  5. After a full wash mode, find the “dry” button. This button will push warm air to dry off the water. You’ll also have options for the temperature of the air.

Follow these easy steps, and you’ll have a wonderful bidet experience. It may take a few times to get used to it and perfect your way of using the bidet, but it’s super easy to navigate the controls on this bidet.

Try A Bio Bidet

Before today, you may have never heard of a bidet, and you may have never thought that you needed one. Now you can say you know all about them and even how to use a bidet. Now, remember, not all bidets are equal. Some are difficult to navigate, some can make a mess, some can get clogged (not pretty), and some are not so enjoyable to sit on.

While I can’t say anything about other bidets, my Bio Bidet is another story. It provides a pleasant, comfortable, cleansing, bathroom experience like no other. It’ll change your life.

The Bio Bidet has several models.  Here’s a less expensive option with fewer luxuries and then more of a splurge if you want all the goodies. That choice is up to you, but you won’t be sorry by splurging.

If you have any questions about bidets, feel free to contact me. I LOVE talking about it. It doesn’t weird me out at all. Just ask my friends or co-workers. Happy bidet-ing.