It’s pretty safe to say that nothing that happens to us in Vegas actually stays in Vegas. It’s one of our favorite places. The food, the booze, the comfy hotel beds. The city hosted our 5-day wedding celebration almost 10 years ago and was the recent site of our Monat family reunion. That’s right, this company is a family, and they sent us to the Vegas 2019 reunion for free.

Vegas 2019

It was a fast and furious 3 days. We landed on Monday afternoon and quickly met up with Lauren, Shallee, Lisa, and Angela for lunch before running over to get registered for the week. In true Monat fashion, we had swag bags and photo ops waiting for us.

The girls then headed to dinner and a show while Russell and I enjoyed a night to ourselves with reservations at Jean George Steak house over at Aria. One of Russell’s hobbies is steak eating. Seriously, the man loves his steak, Japanese Kobe to be specific (it wasn’t just the toilets he fell in love with there). It’s harder to come by these days, and Jean George had it.

Las Vegas girls weekend

They also have some amazing brussell sprouts. Did you know you can add avocado to your brussell sprouts? You can, and John George does, and it’s delicious.

We ate until we could barely move and then stumbled back to our hotel room in a food coma. We’re tired parents who have had a long winter. So, we went to bed early without a baby monitor or any fear of a being woken by a crying child.

Monat’s Big Announcement

Las Vegas Girls Weekend

We were up bright and early for what was an exciting day, full of announcements. If you could go back in time and become a shareholder in Mary Kay, Apple, or Amazon would you? Well, we have that chance with Monat’s Emerging Founder’s Pool.

I’m going to earn 3 shares in a billion dollar company, and I can’t even sleep. I’m so excited about that. What’s even better?  I get to help other people earn them too.  We also found out we’ll be expanding to 2 more countries in Europe, then Australia, and then China very soon.

If running a global business and creating supplemental income for your family from your phone peaks your interest, let’s connect.

After a quick change, we were treated by the company to the poshest pool party I’ve ever attended. I’m not even sure how this is my life.

Las Vegas Girls Weekend

Relaxation Time

Day 3 was heavy on relaxing. Russell and I headed to the site of our rehearsal dinner and what we think are the best burgers on the strip. Have you had Burger Bar? It’s worth a tram ride to Mandalay for sure.

Then, my sweet friend and badass leader Rachel treated our whole crew to cabanas at the MGM pool. I drank frozen rose and vodka by the gallon, and we floated the lazy river.

Las Vegas Girls weekend

The girls headed to Fremont street to do some gambling and me and my steak lover headed back to Jean George. Russell is so dang supportive, I figured the man deserves a second steak. Plus, when do we get to have dinner alone twice in one week?

Thursday morning we all said goodbye and headed to our respected home. We were all refreshed and excited to share what we had learned. And of course, upload all those pictures to social media.