There are many things to consider when building your dream home. Most people build houses with a mindset of its future resale value. While that is a smart way of thinking about it, it seems like you’d be putting the cart before the horse. For us, we want to live in and enjoy our new home and figured you do too. So we have some pretty great new home construction ideas worth sharing.

New Home Construction Ideas

Here are six unique things we put in our new home design (and one we didn’t, but it was a consideration):

Climate Controlled Storage

Storage facilities nationwide market climate controlled storage, so there must be something to it, right? Originating from the Pacific Northwest, I know something about moisture and storage complications, and how things in long term storage can be damaged by rainfall, snow, bitterly cold temperatures, and more. In San Antonio, we deal with moisture on a totally different playing field. Humidity levels can skyrocket suddenly, and maintain at high levels for days, sometimes weeks. High humidity contributes to storage damage just as much, if not more than temperature fluctuations. That’s why climate controlled storage is just one of our new home construction ideas.

In our new home, we decided that having control over the temperature and humidity of our long term storage was critical, but we didn’t want to pay for an off-site third party to hold onto our cherished heirlooms and important possessions. Having storage in our home allows easy access and better protection of our things.

Speaking of air conditioning, we also chose to install the REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purifier into our central unit to purify the air throughout the house.  If the Reme Halo isn’t an option, these portable units will do the trick.

Double Kitchen Island

new construction home ideas

In an effort to fill the great room and kitchen space, we went with 2 islands.  They are side by side and identical in size and shape. This was a suggestion from our architect and we are really happy with how it turned out.

If you have space, two kitchen islands can be beneficial for a few reasons.  They provide a space for entertaining, extra room for meal prep.  The extra island can be used as an alternative workspace or kid zone.  It also gives our space a high-end look that we love.

In our kitchen, the island closest to the appliances and cabinets functions as the cooking area and has the sink and dishwasher.  The second island has an overhang for bar stools and tons of cabinet drawers.  We filled the drawers the boys’ art supplies and my Etsy shop materials.  We are loving the giant workspace to spread out on and the solid surface countertops that are easy to wipe clean.

Pantry Shelving with Outlets for Small Kitchen Appliances

new home construction ideas

This trend has been gaining traction on inspiration boards like Pinterest. The idea is that you have a specific storage space where you can use your appliances, without them taking up precious counter space. Many people set up a coffee bar in their pantry space, allowing the clutter of your morning routine to stay contained and out of sight.

We chose to install shelving with outlets in our pantry to keep them functional, but out of the way. This leaves the kitchen space open for entertaining, art projects, family game nights and more fun adventures.

Mother-in-Law Suite

This isn’t necessarily a “new” concept, but it is finding renewed popularity, thanks to a variety of factors. For some families, it’s the need to be close to aging relatives especially if they need special care. For others, it’s the cost of living and childcare that makes it easier to home-share.

No matter the reason for the build, they increase your home value and allow your loved ones to be closer to your family. This is one reason we have chosen to add it to our new home. Spending time with family is such an important thing for young children that it’s a priority in our home build.

A Mother-in-Law suite, or a guest home, is usually set up with all the amenities of a full sized house, but in a tinier space. A Granny suite isn’t likely to be used for entertaining or hosting guests. They typically have a small kitchen and living area, a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry facilities. It creates a small cozy space near the rest of the family.

Alkaline Water Filter

Most people aren’t even aware of what alkaline or pH variances are when it comes to their water, but many of those same people swear there is a difference in the taste. It may be that they’re not wrong. Water with an acidic pH level may taste slightly different than water with a more alkaline pH level.

Pure water rests at a pH of 7. Perfectly neutral. Tap water, due to a variety of mineral contents, may vary in the pH levels on any given day. Bottled Alkaline water has a pH level that ranges between 8-10, while soda and juices are more acidic.

Many studies have made claims of health benefits, but one thing is certain: the taste of alkaline water helps me keep my family well hydrated in the Texas heat, so it made it in the new house plans.


new home construction ideas

With a house full of boys, you’re going to spend a lot of time cleaning up poorly aimed streams. There’s a reason public businesses often opt for adding urinals to their bathrooms, rather than sticking with standard toilets. Urinals are easier for boys to aim into, and less mess to clean up later. Plus, it’s kind of cool to add this in with a Bidet. With the very design of the urinal in place to make hitting the target easier, your floors will thank you.

Also, because there will be no reason to put the toilet seat up, you’ll be saving yourself from falling into the cold bowl when your seating yourself half asleep or distracted.

Some urinals use only 1 pint of water per flush, while standard toilets (even low flow) use at least 1.3 gallons. The cost of installation can be intimidating, but the combination of benefits make this addition worth its chunk of the budget. Adding it in the original design prevented us from having to add it later, saving us cash in the long run.

Honorable Mention: Hidden Pantry

We didn’t keep this one, but it’s still really cool. There’s always something exciting and quirky about the idea of a hidden room in your house. When you’re custom building your dream house, it’s fun to toss all the big wishes on the board. If you enjoy cooking, you likely want; actually, need a huge pantry. How amazing would it be to have a hidden space filled with all of your favorite ingredients?

We had considered this concept in our early planning, and it even made it to the blueprints. In the end, we scrapped the plan. Maybe in our next home, I’ll have my own secret pantry to store the ingredients for my family’s favorite love language.

Be Inspired

You can search inspiration boards to find amazing hidden pantry ideas, and dream about what you’ll put in your new home when the time comes. Everything from the dedicated small appliance shelving to the TARDIS-like cabinet doors hiding the entry, the perfect hidden pantry can be found in your imagination.

We’re almost ready to move into our new home, and it could not have happened without my Monat business. If you’re interested in hearing more about how I was able to create supplemental income in the nooks and crannies of my day, just reach out to me. I would love to help!