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Hi, I’m Elisabeth, and I’m addicted to coffee. As a tired, working mom, it’s my drug of choice and has been for years. I love a good local coffee shop, but I know it’s more cost-effective to make coffee at home. We’ve used a variety of home coffee makers throughout the years, including the fanciest of espresso machines, cold brew makers, and of course, a Keurig. So, when I started seeing my friends rave about Nespresso, I didn’t understand all the hype. Keep reading to hear why we eventually fell in love with Nespresso and why you should try it too.

The Coffee Is Different

What I didn’t understand are the things that make Nespresso different than your average pod coffee machine. First, the coffee is of high quality and perfectly brewed every time. Nespresso developed its range of “grand cru” coffees that come in all different types, strengths, and flavors. You can see them all here.

I read somewhere that the machine uses “centrifusion” to spin the pod during brewing and ensure the water and coffee are blended well for consistent brewing. Another thing I learned is that the vertuo pods have barcodes, so the machine knows how to brew each pod. The barcode system allows the device to brew anything from a single shot expresso to a 14-ounce cup of coffee depending on the pod used.

Each Cup Comes with Crema

Not only is the coffee so tasty that I can drink it black, but it also comes with this fantastic foam on top with every brew. The foam makes even the most straightforward cup of coffee feel and taste so fancy.

This foam is called “crema,” and it’s not necessarily a sign of quality, but more an indicator of the brewing method. You see, whenever the brewing method involves pushing water through the beans under pressure, the oil extracted creates foam or crema.

Either way, I love the crema, and so do most Nespresso enthusiasts.

Nespresso coffee with foam

Easy to Use

It’s the fastest cup of coffee I’ve ever made! Most machines take a minute or two to warm up, and I’m sure we’ve all waited longer than we’d like for our machine to brew a cup (or pot) of coffee. But, Nespresso is ready to brew in under 15 seconds, and you can have a cup of coffee in under a minute. Even a fancy latte can be prepared in under 90 seconds. We’ll talk more about that below.

You don’t need to think too hard or clean a bunch of accessories. We used a fancy Delonghi Perfecta for years, and it still has a home in our pantry. There was a lot of time needed to start the machine, it made loud sounds warming up, and there were several steps and a technique to it. I can’t tell you how many times I scalded the milk, or worse yet, spilled it all over the kitchen at the crack of dawn.

With Nespresso, you refill the water and pop in a pod, wait a few seconds, and hit the start button. The optional milk frother for latte lovers is contained with a lid and shuts off automatically. I’ve yet to have any problems or swearing fits in the kitchen at the crack of dawn.


The unlimited drink options are one of my favorite things about Nespresso. The Breville Vertuo machine we purchased is capable of making five different sizes, available in over 25 different coffee blends:

  • Espresso (40ml/1.35oz)
  • Double Espresso (80ml/2.7oz)
  • Gran Lungo (150ml/5oz)
  • Mug/Coffee (230ml/7.77oz)
  • Alto/Alto XL (414ml/14oz) 

We purchased the “Aeroccino” as well, which adds froth to hot or cold milk for lattes or cappuccinos. I also love frothing a small amount of coffee creamer before adding it to brewed Nespresso coffee.  

Sleek and Compact

When designing our house, we choose to move all the kitchen appliances to the pantry. But, the Nespresso looks so good, it’s a welcome addition to any countertop. You can purchase a machine that fits your needs (and style) directly from Nespresso or choose from a licensed brand like Krups, Breville, and DeLonghi from one of your favorite retailers.

Online Ordering

Now, this is where some of us may disagree. Nespresso has two different styles of the machine, but it’s the Vertuo machines that you will see sold widely throughout the US and Canada. Vertuo machines require vertuo style capsules, and these capsules are sold exclusively by Nespresso either at Nespresso retailers or through the Nespresso website.  

So, if you are accustomed to buying coffee pods at the grocery store, this will be a change in habits for you. Nespresso pods are available on Amazon, but I highly encourage you to look at direct ordering from the Nespresso website or app. Yes, they have an app!  

When you order direct from Nespresso, you are eligible for:

  • A free welcome gift
  • Two free samples with each order
  • Option for automatic delivery
  • Quick and affordable (or free) shipping
  • Free recycling bags 

I order once a month because I like to change up my order based on my current coffee habits and seasonal offerings. I love having the coffee shipped to my door and don’t miss going to the store to get it. It’s so convenient!  

Freshness and Sustainability

Unlike an open bag of coffee beans, the coffee in Nespresso capsules will stay fresh for months because it’s sealed in aluminum and protected from light. So, you can order a month or two supply of coffee to maximize your discount and take advantage of the freebies and not worry about the coffee going bad.

There’s also no waste because Nespresso will include two free recycling bags with each order. The bags have a pre-paid UPS label attached. So, once you fill them up with used pods, seal the bag and drop it at a UPS store or schedule a pick-up from your home.

Nespresso Coffee Pod

Let’s Discuss Cost

Okay, I hope by now you are ready to up your coffee game and try Nespresso! Like all things in life, I think you get what you pay for with Nespresso. A machine will cost you $100-250. I was able to purchase our model over 50% off on Black Friday, so keep an eye out for sales or shop another brand that may be more affordable. The pods are $1.10 each on average and sold in a sleeve of 10.  

So, if you are accustomed to brewing coffee in a traditional machine or are looking to replace your Keurig, this may sound expensive. It is the priciest option when it comes to a homebrew coffee pod system. But, the quality is unmatched. If you prefer a bolder, higher quality brew, or regularly drink espresso-style coffees, you will love this machine and likely save money by making coffee at home rather than purchasing barista crafted drinks at your local coffee shop.  

On average, I make two drinks per day at home with our Nespresso and purchase oat milk and various coffee creamers at the grocery store. I end up spending $80-90 for this, which is reasonable to me since I would otherwise be paying $150-$200 per month by purchasing at a coffee shop. I love the convenience and flexibility of Nespresso and will be a loyal customer for a long time in the future!


Do you have a Nespresso machine, or have you been thinking about purchasing one? Share your favorite Nespresso recipe below in the comments or reach out if you have any questions.