Are you considering becoming a Hugh & Grace Advocate? Or have you been burned by social selling in the past? The conversation at Hugh & Grace is different. As a new Hugh & Grace Advocate, I’ve done my darndest to spell out for you why this opportunity is worth considering. I hope you could keep reading. In this blog, I’m spelling out ten reasons to Join Hugh & Grace right now.


Hugh & Grace is a company building something meaningful. Our primary focus isn’t sales. It’s knowledge, sharing, and awareness. When you’re on a mission, have a calling, you are magnetic. People want to know what you are doing. Our society is talking about toxins, but the conversation about hormone disruptors is just beginning. Sharing hormone health will be everything in the next decade and years to come. This opportunity is continuous learning, endless social media content, and meaningful discussion. Talking about this feels good, not gross.    

Hugh & Grace Mission

A Modern Approach to Social Selling.

There’s no MLM or direct sales stigma because we use a hybrid model. The compensation structure is entirely different. Sara Jensen has said, “trust is the foundation of every relationship. We need to be honest and direct about how we operate our business.”  

  1. Advocate: Individuals who share the Hugh & Grace mission and products with their network. (25% discount, up to 40% commission, and access to the #betterthanclean community)
  2. Retail Advocate: Service-based establishments that sell Hugh and Grace in-store, online, or both. (30% wholesale discount)
  3. Affiliate Advocate: Influencers who use their platform to share our mission and sell Hugh & Grace products. (20% discount, personalized 10% discount code, 20% commission)

Timing matters. 

If anyone tells you differently, they are lying. As I type this, Hugh & Grace is a few months post-launch, with less than 1000 advocates. Now is the best time to market the Hugh & Grace products and opportunity because no one has heard of it. Leaders are building a foundational business now with Hugh & Grace. People will hear about Hugh & Grace and want to try these simple swaps for their health. Once they do, they will fall in love because the products perform. You are positioned for greatness here by being the first one in your circle to share and recommend these products and this business opportunity.  

A Culture of Inclusivity. 

The products are gender neutral and address a topic that affects everyone. Ben Jensen says, “health is for everyone.” Hugh & Grace Advocates help you reduce chemical exposure by simple swaps. There’s no pressure to go all in or use the line exclusively. If you have a product you love, keep using it, we won’t stand in your way. Instead, we offer alternatives and education without the pressure. There is no fear-based marketing, and Hugh & Grace isn’t going to take a political stance or ask you to do that either.  Two business centers per household are allowed in this compensation plan.  So, you can work this business WITH your spouse, partner, homie/lover/friend.  Many spouses and partners have already remarked that they feel comfortable attending Hugh & Grace events because the atmosphere is different. In other words, come as you are, you can sit with us.  

Small product library. 

The product line is simple, easy to use, and easy to learn and recommend to others. There are four products! There is no need for a quiz, 100 questions, or a ton of practice or upline help to know what to recommend to your clients. Yes, the product line will grow to include more hormones safe everyday options. But, Sara has said that Hugh & Grace “will never have 1000 products.”

Join Hugh & Grace

Multi-use products. 

We don’t need a vast product line because each formulation serves multiple purposes, can be a simple swap for several items you currently use. Check out The Source Blog for 13 ways to use the Purifying Cleansing Bar, 12 ways to use the Restoring Face Serum, and 12 ways to use the Protecting Body Oil. I haven’t seen a feature on multiple uses for the Renewing Night Serum, but I will tell you that my husband says it doubles as a great aftershave.  

Third-Party Validation.

The cold hard truth is that brands buy their way into publications.  But, Hugh & Grace receives organic accolades. Tracey Anderson purchases the products. She’s Gweneth Paltrow’s trainer (I mean, have you heard of Goop?!) and says she gets sent everything for free, is constantly asked to represent products. Tracey raves about Hugh & Grace without compensation. Rachel Zoe loves the products so much that she decided to become an investor. Organic marketing is everything.  

Rachel Zoe Hugh & Grace

Customer Focused Business.

Hugh & Grace is all about the customer. Customers can get 10% off their first order with a promo code, shipping is inexpensive (or free depending on the order), no forced auto-ship, and gift cards are available! For Advocates, there is a cap on how much of your personal orders count towards your volume. For those familiar with this industry/model, that means you can’t buy your way to a rank, and you won’t be offering “bulk orders” or your discount to your customers. That’s is a good thing! The product prices are reasonable anyway, and our mission, not a promotion, drives us.  

Not a Beauty Brand.

Could you stick with me here? Our products certainly make for shiny legs and clear, hydrated skin. But, I’ve struggled to keep up with the Joneses with a previous beauty company, been told to use filters and make sure I’m looking polished whenever I leave the house or post on social. Sure, most people don’t want to join a hot mess express and probably won’t be lining up for your product if you look like a trash heap. But, there’s something to say for authenticity and showing up unfiltered. With Hugh & Grace, your makeup-free face can be your brand. We’re all-natural, and you can show up that way if you want to. Share the mission in a meaningful way, and you’re golden. Talk about refreshing.  


The products are TSA friendly and already in travel size. Your products won’t be begging you for travel size, have to orders glass bottles off amazon, or use something else while on vacation. Your customers won’t be begging for travel-sized options or missing their products while on vacation. The products are packaged sustainably in plastic-free, recyclable material and ship two-day prioroity. Even the shipping boxes and materials are designed and packaged to reduce waste (but still look beautiful and on-brand, if you ask me).  

Hugh & Grace packaging

Are you ready to join Hugh & Grace?

I hope that was helpful. I’d love for you to reach out to me (or the Advocate who sent you to this post) if you are ready to get started or have questions. I’m happy to help you make an educated decision. And, if the business isn’t for you, I’d love to help you make some simple swaps in your personal care routine. Let’s chat soon.