When my husband inquired about what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for something unexpected, a Human Design reading. I first heard about Human Design in the Direct Sales Growth Community. As one of the monthly guest speakers, Allison Cullen offered information about how following your Human Design can help you in business, family, and life. In this blog, I’m sharing what I learned through my Human Design reading with Allison Cullen at “You Do Woo.”

What is Human Design?

Human Design has been called an “energetic blueprint.” It’s a means to optimize your personal energy and do the activities that will benefit you most. Consider Human Design a mix of the enneagram, genetics, the chakra system, and astrology. Currently, psychologists, therapists, coaches, and HR executives use Human Design to help individuals maximize their human potential. 

To begin utilizing human design, you will first need to obtain your chart. Click here to get your free chart. You’ll need your birth date and year, time of birth, and location. Call your mom or family member if you need your birth time; I’m sure they’d enjoy hearing from you anyway. You can also look up the chart of your spouse, children, or business partners.

Why a Human Design Reading?

While there is lots of great free info about Human Design, no two charts are the same. In a one-on-one personalized Human Design reading, you’ll discuss the specifics of your chart with someone trained in Human Design. A Human Design reading is 60-90 minutes in person or virtual. Typically you provide your chart ahead of time so your reader can prepare. You should get practical tips for applying your human design chart to your daily life and any working projects in the reading. You may also have the opportunity to ask questions about the charts of family members or others you work with closely and get some practical advice. In my experience, Allison also provided seven days of availability after (via Voxer app) and some free resources to her Human Design reading clients.  

My Human Design Reading

human design reading

My Human Design Chart from https://www.jovianarchive.com/get_your_chart

I will share what I learned from my individual Human Design reading. Please keep in mind that no Human Design chart is the same, and I am not trained in Human Design. But, if you find you are of a similar energy type, profile, etc., you may find this helpful.

Regardless of your chart’s specifics, it will look like the top half of the human body, with nine shapes representing the chakras. Some chakras are filled in, while others are empty, illustrating how you best make decisions. The connector lines between the chakra shapes are called channels or gates and may be colored in. The symbols on the left represent the location of the planets three months before your birth. The ones on the left represent where the planets were on your birthday. You’ll also see four arrows near the body graph’s top; the arrows may point inward or outward. The chart will typically list your type, profile, definition, inner authority, strategy, not-self theme, and Incarnation Cross.

My Human Design Type: Generator

Generators have consistent energy and provide this energy to the world. Sounds great, right? The downside is generators can feel frustrated or unsatisfied when they don’t use this energy correctly. They often over-work and people-please, making them feel stuck. Generators are here to find satisfaction and are the brightest when they do satisfying things and need to follow their excitement. These can be big things like jobs and relationships and small things like what to eat or wear. As a generator, the more time you spend doing something you enjoy, the more magnetic you will be.

Generators shouldn’t initiate things in life, business, love, etc. Instead, Human Design advises them to follow a “waiting to respond” strategy. In other words, they should wait for opportunities to present themselves and then use their sacral center for decision-making. As a generator, I know this can be challenging. We can get tired of waiting to respond and feel like we should do something. So we start something that isn’t aligned, and the frustration comes. The truth is, things are presenting themselves to us every day. Someone might ask you a question, you receive an email, or you see a sign on the road.

My Human Design Inner Authority: Sacral

The authority is how we make decisions and depends on what centers are defined (filled in) in our Human Design chart. Mine is sacral, as are my husband and my eldest son. My younger son is a generator with emotional authority. Having “Sacral Authority” means your decision-maker is rooted deep in your body, in its energetic gut response to life.

So, I’m not practicing using my sacral authority to make decisions, listening to my body for a “yes” or “no” response (or, as I think of it, an “F-yes” or “F-no” response). If I get that, that’s what I should do. If it’s a “meh” or “maybe,” that means not right now and continuing to wait for my sacral response. In other words, it’s essential to listen to my gut and not my brain.

My Human Design Profile: 5/1

After Type and Authority, the next thing I learned about in my Human Design reading was my profile. Two people could have the same type and authority but a different profiles and follow very different paths in life. The profile comes from the positions of the Sun and Earth in both columns of the chart. Think of your Human Design profile as a costume you wear while learning to play a role. You will impact others (and be affected) as you interact with them in this role. Again, I’m not a Human Design expert, just someone sharing what I’m learning with you.  

People with the 5/1 profile are skilled problem solvers and thorough, dependable researchers. 5/1s can be authority figures, but they must see themselves that way first. Furthermore, others often don’t see all the work and research it takes behind the scenes for a 5/1 to become the authority figure. They are also prone to people-pleasing, so watch out for that if you are a fellow 5/1! 

Others often project on the 5/1 being the solution to their problems and the best at everything. So, if someone gives you a weird feeling when you meet them, it could just be them projecting on you. It’s them, not you! Click here for a quick podcast on the 5/1 profile in Human Design.  

How I’m Applying Human Design To My Network Marketing Business

Human Design Reading for network marketers

One of the helpful pieces of info I got from my Human Design reading was a better understanding of how my energy type relates to my network marketing business. A generalized strategy for a Pure Generator in network marketing would be not to reach out to people but to cultivate relationships in a way that feels good. Share info in person and on social media that lights you up. Wait for people to come to you and respond (“waiting to respond”). In general, Generators should follow their sacral authority for income-producing activity at all times.  This strategy came from Allison when I asked the question via our post Human Design reading Voxer chat.  

Thinking About A Human Design Reading?

I hope I’ve opened your mind to what you can learn from Human Design. I’ve only skimmed the surface of what I learned from My Human Design reading, but I hope you found it interesting. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and I’ll do my best to answer them. When you are ready to learn more, grab your chart and some of the You Do Woo freebies. If you’d like to learn more, consider a human design reading. I think I’ll do one with Allison at least once a year.