In just a year in the United States, Hugh and Grace has disrupted the wellness industry (in a good way) with their innovative product line. One year later, on May 24, 2022, Hugh and Grace officially launched customer sales in Canada. It’s exciting to see H&G bring their hormone-safe products to a global market after just a year in business here in the states. Because I know you’ll have questions about Hugh and Grace Canada, I’m answering all of them here.

What is Hugh and Grace?

Hugh and Grace is a mission-driven, US-based company founded by Ben and Sara Jensen. They take “clean” one step further by being hormone-safe and refusing to use endocrine disruptors in their products.

“Hormone-safe” means being free from chemicals impacting our hormones. Many of the products we put on our body–including many clean and non-toxic products–contain chemicals that can alter our hormones. These luxurious, high-performing Hugh and Grace products are free from these chemicals and formulated to help detox, repair, and protect the body.

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What Hugh and Grace Products Available in Canada

Hugh and Grace has six skincare products and seven more wellness and home products launching in 2022. It made sense to start with skincare since it’s our largest organ and exposed to many chemicals. Here’s a little more about the current products offered for Hugh and Grace Canada:

  • Purifying Cleansing Bar-Formulated to cleanse deeply, detox, buff away impurities, and rebalance skin with potent adaptogen extracts. I replaced my face wash, hand soap, body washes, and shave gel with the cleansing bar.  
  • Protecting Body Oil-Hormone-safe Protecting Body Oil softens, soothes, and hydrates while protecting and strengthening the skin. The protecting body oil has replaced my lotion and our family’s insect repellant.  
  • Restoring Face Serum-Daytime serum that is lightweight and free of synthetic fragrance and wax. This miracle blend brightens, firms, and helps skin better absorb your moisturizer. I’ve replaced my regular daytime serums and daytime moisturizer with the restoring face serum.  
  • Renewing Night Serum-Blue Tansy serum delivers immediate moisture, smoothness, and clarity for a luminous and radiant complexion. The renewing night serum has replaced my nighttime serums and night cream.  
  • Lip Mask-Filled with ingredients that work to moisturize and hydrate your lips for all-day comfort. Made with luscious butters, waxes, and oils packed with Vitamin A and E will keep your lips nourished and soft. This lip mask replaces all my chapsticks because it feels better and lasts longer (that’s what she said).  
  • Bath SaltsDeeply replenish, hydrate, tone, and detoxify your skin and mood. Made with high concentration, high quality, plant-based Yuzu and Vanilla, our bath salts are packed with antioxidants to hydrate and restore while Mediterranean Sea Salt, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E work to exfoliate and detoxify and moisturize gently. I’m not a bath person, but I use these salts in a dish in my office instead of artificial fragrance candles. I also combine them with the body oil to make a scrub and sprinkle them on the shower floor for aroma therapy. They are a multi-use product!

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Hugh and Grace Canada Shipping and Payment

All product prices on the website will be in USD. The currency conversion will happen when you purchase with your credit card provider. If you need a currency converter from CAD to USD, you can find one here.  

All Hugh and Grace Canada orders ship via RDD at a flat rate of USD 14.99. The expected delivery time is 7-8 business days. Loyal customers will receive free shipping to Canada with USD 75 or more orders. All customers will receive free shipping to Canada with an order of USD 100 or more.  

Hugh and Grace Loyal Customer Program

Loyal customers are customers with active auto-renew profiles. What the heck does that mean? At checkout, you can set up a product or product set for auto-shipment every 30, 60, or 90 days. But, at any time, you can log in and change OR cancel your Auto-Renew. It’s straightforward, and I can also access your Auto-Renew to change the date or cancel altogether. So, you will never be stuck with something you don’t want.  

Loyal customer perks for Hugh and Grace Canada:

  • Access to exclusive product sets like this and this
  • Product credit every time you place a qualifying Auto-Renew order 
  • 10% off ALL purchases
  • FREE shipping over $75

Hugh and Grace Canada Customer Referral Program

Love Hugh and Grace? Tell your friends to shop at the website, fill their cart with safe hormone products, and check out. Upon checkout, the system will prompt them to make an account. Have them enter your four-digit customer number in the “customer referral #” section. They will instantly receive $10 off their order, and you will get $10 to spend later. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can obtain. Refer nine friends? You get $90 to spend.  Once you become a Hugh and Grace Canada customer, your customer # can be found by logging in and selecting “my account,”  It will be the 4-digit number under your name.  

Hugh and Grace Canada Results

Hugh and Grace-Ways To Get Involved

In the US, Hugh and Grace offers a unique, hybrid model. The compensation structure is entirely different. Sara Jensen has said, “trust is the foundation of every relationship. We need to be honest and direct about how we operate our business.”  

We don’t have a launch date for Hugh and Grace Canada Advocates. Stay tuned, I’ll make sure to update this blog, or you can reach out if you’d like me to contact you with updates. For now, here’s how the Hugh and Grace Advocate opportunity looks in the United States:

  1. Advocate: Individuals who share the Hugh & Grace mission and products with their network. (25% discount, up to 40% commission, and access to the #betterthanclean community)
  2. Retail Advocate: Service-based establishments that sell Hugh and Grace in-store, online, or both. (30% wholesale discount)
  3. Affiliate Advocate: Influencers who use their platform to share our mission and sell Hugh & Grace products. (20% discount, personalized 10% discount code, 20% commission)

Want To Be One of The FIRST Hugh and Grace Canada Advocates?

The only way to join Hugh and Grace Canada at this time are as a retail or loyal customer. We do not have an ETA for when Hugh and Grace’s advocate enrollment will be available in Canada. In the meantime, become a customer and enjoy the products. Use my promo code HELLO10 for 10% off your first order.  Learn more about the opportunity here or reach out with any questions.  I’d love to see you be the first and enjoy that success.